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Tara Medow



IL telehealth ONLY

I like people, and I believe in an elastic understanding of the human condition. My approach is informal and centered in the belief people move within the world in ways that make sense to them. Daily decisions often reveal parts of the self developed during formative years, and it is human to adapt emotions to stressful events. It is also human to reenact distress because it is familiar.

Personhood is largely informed by fundamental needs, one of which is the body’s
physiological desire to feel balance. Exposure to trauma may be a part of someone’s balance, and therapy can be a place to gain clarity around patterns in the way we bond with ourselves, bond with others, and derive meaning in life experiences. In my work, I prioritize learning about a person’s environment to understand self-concept and how they interpret and respond to perception of life events. Environment may include exposure to violence, loneliness and isolation, ethnic identity, family dynamics, or gender expression.

I work to foster a therapeutic space that feels co-constructed between my clients and myself, where there is safety in curiosity to build a more meaningful life. My work is largely focused on identity, existential distress, complex trauma (sexual abuse, domestic or community violence, neglect), and LGBTQ+ care, and I deeply enjoy working with individuals and couples navigating these identities and challenges.


I gather from psychodynamic, relational, existential, and evolutionary frameworks. Becoming open to the relationship between our surroundings and the self feels critical for better understanding what helps a person feel safe. If my words speak to you, please say hello.

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