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Community Wellness and
Mental Health Resources

NAMI Chicago Resource Page

Hotline and helpline for suicidal ideation and substance use

Resources for housing needs and shelters, survivors of assault and domestic violence, veterans, and LGBTQIA2+ folx

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IDHS Living Room Program

"The Living Room Program (LRP) is for individuals in need of a crisis respite program with services and supports designed to proactively divert crises and break the cycle of psychiatric hospitalization. The LRP provides a safe, inviting, home-like atmosphere where individuals can calmly process the crisis event, as well as learn and apply wellness strategies which may prevent future crisis events. The LRP is staffed by Recovery Support Specialists. Individuals seeking services at LRP's are screened for safety by Qualified Mental Health Professionals upon entry and exit."

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Low cost therapy through Betterhelp

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Connecting with Others Thru Meetup

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Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health University

"CHH&MH-U (Coffee, Hip-Hop & Mental Health University) aims to remove the financial, systemic and emotional barriers to help make therapy more easily accessible for the Black residents of Chicago. This program is funded by way of our coffee shop model and by various donations that allow us to bridge the gap between community and talk therapy. And our goal is to successfully match and schedule at least 250 individuals per year with one of our trusted and vetted licensed therapist partners."

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Other Therapeutic Resources:

AAPI LGBTQ+ Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Support:

50 Addiction & Mental Health Resources For Black Men:

Howard Brown Health Chicago: 
Group Therapy and Support Groups for LGBTQIA2+ Folx

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