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Matt McCarthy




IL telehealth or in-person

I’m Matt McCarthy, a Licensed Professional Counselor dedicated to providing a therapeutic space that both validates and challenges my clients. To me, therapy is a place to slow down, feel our feelings, and face ourselves with compassion and courage. We’ll know that therapy is working when you feel more authentically and powerfully yourself in daily life. Beyond that, I believe that good therapy comes in many shapes and sizes, so let’s talk about what approach(es) makes sense for you. 


While I routinely see clients for a broad range of concerns, I most frequently help with issues related to trauma, anxiety, dating/relationships, and self-esteem. Some of my clients use therapy to tackle specific problems, others need a flexible space in which to process their weekly challenges and successes. I offer talk therapy, EMDR, and couples counseling, and am always happy to help prospective clients learn more about these options.  


Outside of my work as a therapist, I enjoy exploring the city with my partner and loved ones, bonding with my pets, reading, and drinking coffee. As a former career musician, I am especially well-versed in the unique mental health challenges faced by artists and creators. Thank you for taking the time to read about me – reach out any time to talk further!

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