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Julia Porter



Hello! My name is Julia and I am the practice administrator at Bella Valore. 


My background is in mental health agency work, most recently supporting individuals navigating eating disorder treatment. I am also currently a graduate student in the second year of my own counseling training program. As I have welcomed more mindfulness into my life over the past few years, I have felt the need and desire to intentionally shift my focus to surrounding myself with like-minded individuals who value holistic approaches to healing in the therapeutic space. I am grateful to have found that home here with Bella Valore and this team of warm and compassionate therapists. 


My main goal as an administrator is to provide a safe and supportive environment for our team so they can prioritize showing up as their most whole and energized self with clients. When I am not working, I can be found taking plenty of walks and soaking up the bits of nature scattered throughout the city, spending lots of playful time with my two cats, rewatching Hayao Miyazaki’s films or the Great British Baking Show, and taking dance classes or working on projects within Chicago’s creative communities.

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