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Katrina Ramirez



IL telehealth or in-person

Something brought you here, to this page, looking for help. It could be something in your life that doesn’t feel great, or some old experiences are floating to the surface of your mind. Whatever brought you here; let’s explore it together.


Within sessions, I try to create a healing space that is validating, safe, and consensual.  This space can be used to explore, connect, cry, or laugh. Sessions with me will incorporate a bit of learning. You may know things I don’t, or I may know things you don’t, or we both may not know; that’s okay. We will figure it out together. It is important to me that we see each other as human and come to the space with curiosity and compassion.


I mostly work with people of marginalized communities (i.e. BIPoC, LGBTQ+, First Gen/ Immigrants), trauma survivors, and creatives. My past experiences include working with people with psychosis, sexual violence trauma, and gender affirming/supportive care. I have my own lived experience that I bring into the space for storytelling or examples.


My hands enjoy being busy to keep my mind present. I enjoy cooking, playing video games, and creating art. My other career is as a visual artist. My art covers a multitude of mediums. It is not uncommon for my two kittens, Tybalt and Mercutio, to interrupt the session; they love it when you give them attention. Currently, I am actively trying to learn and apply how to rest and slow down. It is a lifelong journey, and I would love for you to join me.

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