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Eleni Clavijo Adamopoulos



MA, LPC, Reiki Master

IL telehealth or in-person

What circumstances shifted you into this specific moment in bring this bio into your awareness? Was it the guilt that has consumed you since morning of how you didn’t show up exactly how you envisioned being the best parent...or that you have become conscious to the burden of unrealistic expectations upon self and have decided to courageously dive into the depths of your shadows? Perhaps you have questions about self you never have had before and feeling like no one can relate. All you would like is for someone to hold space while you allow emotions like sadness or anger to flow and feel you are able to cry without shame!

I invite all of your raw authenticity! My passion is creating a haven for clients to uncover negative core and limiting beliefs to bring into conscious awareness. I will guide you on subconsciously accepting a positive self concept applying a holistic, transpersonal, and mindfulness-based cognitive approach while integrating somatic work, reiki & hypnotherapy.


Aaand we’ve reached the end of the sign for you. The goal is to achieve self cohesion through strengthening intuition and remembering who YOU are! We will curate a collaborative plan that will help you manifest and sustain the path you desire. Gain clarity to trust. You’re worthy and deserving of a peaceful life. Use your voice and connect with me today!

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