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Watering Our Seeds of Growth

by Laura Nalin, MA, P-LPC, CADC

Many of us are collectively envisioning a change in seasons - and for good reason. There is a lot to be excited about as spring looms: warmer temperatures, a calming breeze in our souls, and often a feeling of hope. This transition in seasons is not just profound for us humans, however. Spring also means that slumbering plants and hibernating animals are reawakening and new seedlings begin to sprout. As humans and nature are deeply connected, we can learn a lot from nature.

We depend on nature not only for our physical survival. We also need nature to show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our own minds. We got lost in doing, thinking, remembering, anticipating -- lost in a maze of complexity and a world of problems.”

- Eckert Tolle

The effects of spring blossom just a couple months after many of us set intentions for the year and reflect on the previous 12 months. For those who choose to participate, whether it’s determining resolutions or simply envisioning how we’d like the year to go, we are essentially planting the seeds of intention in our own dream-like gardens.

But what happens when we don’t water actual seeds? They remain dormant, not getting the opportunity to sprout. Apply this notion to our own goals and intentions. If we are not taking actionable steps in order to ensure we are watering our own seeds of growth, we miss out on the opportunity to thrive in the ways in which we’d like to. And just like the idea of spring cleaning, we can work toward identifying which areas of our lives contain weeds, as well as how we can work toward clearing them out - leading to a big and beautiful garden of life.

Here’s an activity you can try:

Envision how you’d like your garden to look. From there, whether you’re artistic or not - if you’re open to it, draw that garden, as well as at least six garden beds. Just as you would a life-like garden, label each of the beds with areas of your life that you’d like to sprout or continue to grow. Within the boxes, write actionable steps you can take within the next several months to unlock these desires. Keep in mind that just like a garden, not all plants are watered the same amount. Similarly, if you find over time you’d like to harvest the bounty, you can switch out a particular box for a newer goal and plant new seeds.

Bring awareness to these goals, and allow your seeds to awaken - you deserve it!



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