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Image by Ivana Cajina

Kaitlin is by far the best therapist I have worked with. She not only addresses my concerns (and I have plenty)- she makes me feel validated and shows me that everything is okay always. She helps me to figure situations out when my anxiety gets the better of me.


Image by Renate Vanaga

Kaitlin is amazing and knowledgeable and knows how to lead a session so that both parties are heard. I love her transparency that encourages our own vulnerability. She is a light, and full of helpful resources.


Image by Allef Vinicius

I have been seeing Kaitlin for 10 months, and during this time, she has been a great support for me. She has been warm and welcoming, and I have felt comfortable in sharing everything with her. She has helped me by providing me with the space to process my thoughts and emotions, learn emotional regulation, develop coping skills for my anxiety, and learn how to manage my depressive symptoms. She has helped me through relationship issues, family concerns, body image concerns, even suicidal ideations. She is friendly, funny, and an expert!


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