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T'Is the Season

T’is The Season,
for Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, and Panic.

As we know, the holidays are moving upon on us almost too quickly. And with the holiday season, a lot of emotions can arise, some old and some new.
A pattern that I am seeing often with others is the expectations of the holidays. There is common pressure to see family, the want to see family and the obligation. Pressure to behave in a certain way. Pressure over gift giving and financials. Pressure of the way we look or what type of relationship we are showing up with. There continues to be a certain weight that comes along with the holidays.
One thing that I think we often forget, is that the holidays were supposed to be a time to slow down, to reflect and celebrate our year, to enjoy the presence of one another, and to show each other how much we mean to one another. Obviously, as humans, we have put pressure and expectations on ourselves and loved ones, creating a holiday season full of anxiety, stress, and sadness.
Instead could we this holiday try to climb the ladder of consciousness and change the way we respond and perceive this holiday season?


Instead of: “My family creates so much stress for me because they expect me to be at all the events.”

TRY: “My family requested to see me and would like me to be at all the events, I will choose which I WANT to go to and let them have whatever emotions they need to have with my boundaries, I will honor my needs and wants this year.

Instead of: “I hate my body and I am so embarrassed to be around everyone.”

Try: “My body is showing up exactly the way it needs to. My body is no one else’s business. And my worth is not based in other people’s expectations of me. I can and will set boundaries if needed.”

Instead of: “I hate finding presents for everyone and I am already so broke”

Try: “If I am unable to present tangible gifts to everyone, that is okay. If I meet myself where I am currently at and honor that, so will other people.”

It is amazing what happens when we slow down, reassess our situation in a completely different light, and reset the conversation we are having with our SELF. It can mean a whole change in perspective, in stress, in anxiety, and sadness. We get to choose how we look at EVERY situation. So, make sure you are looking through a lens that calms your soul instead of creating more anguish. Let’s raise our vibrational consciousness!


- Kaitlin Naatjes


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