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Dance-Movement Therapy - (Izzy Brown, R-DMT, MA)

We are natural born movers. We are also, ALWAYS moving. Even when we’re sleeping or meditating—we are always moving. Movement keeps us alive. No really. Take a minute to tune it at your most still. Are you noticing anything? What is your chest doing? Right, when we breathe, there is a slight rise and fall of our chest. And of course, we deepen this the more connected we feel. Now, why does any of this matter when it comes to movement?

Did you know that through movement, we have the opportunity to explore self-awareness, confidence, emotional regulation, empathy and even social skills? Let’s take this a step further, dance/movement therapy (DMT) allows what I just listed above to shine through with the help of a dance therapist, a safe space and your body. I’d like to think of DMT as the integration of movement in therapy to further deepen the experience and process between mind/body connection. What this means is we can become better aware of the bodily sensations we feel when we come across certain emotions and triggers. In addition, through DMT, we can become aware of bodily sensations we may feel before we approach dysregulation.

Have you ever wanted to express something, but you decided to hold it in? How many times? Take a minute to reflect on a time when you held in certain emotions or responses. What do you think that build up in the body felt like? Do you think your body was trying to warn you to take care of yourself as soon as possible? Now think of a time when you felt like you could not hold in what you were holding anymore. What did this response or reaction look like? Maybe you lashed out on a friend or family member? Maybe you found yourself dissociating and isolating?

Our reactions can look in numerous different ways but what we do have in common is the bodily sensations our bodies try signal before something negative occurs. With the help of DMT, the goal is to prevent harm by noticing our triggers and to provide a safe space to release and effectively cope. Key word is safe. DMT is a trauma informed approach to therapy.

So, I challenge you today. Notice if something does not feel “right” in your body and write down those sensations. Maybe your heart is racing a bit more. Maybe your palms are sweating. Maybe you’re a bit bouncier than usual. What was the event? Were there any thoughts and feelings associated with it?

Mind + Body= Connection and Wellness. The better we understand ourselves, the more sustainable our healing.



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