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Julia Porter




IL telehealth or in-person

I believe we all possess fundamental wholeness and inner wisdom—sometimes we just lose sight of it. In a society that constantly tells us that we are wrong, broken, or not enough, you may be left feeling overwhelmed, lost, numb, disembodied, and/or disconnected from the people and things in your life that you care about the most—including yourself. Therapy is a radical act that invites us to show up just as we are, in all our beautiful messiness, uniqueness and identities. Together, we will strengthen and expand your capacity to sit with, and work through, the challenges that come your way, while building self-compassion, awareness, resilience, and a sense of connection to your truest self.

My work focuses on helping clients regain a sense of aliveness, connection, and inner peace. As we explore your experiences, difficulties, and current coping strategies, you can gain meaningful insight, discover which approaches are no longer serving you, and unlock the ability to make more intentional choices. It is important to me to hold a warm, authentic, and anti-oppressive healing space where you feel safe and uplifted. A space where you are comfortable, yet can be with your discomfort; where you can turn towards your pain, and still find your joy, excitement and laughter. I find I work best with clients who are looking to intimately get to know their inner emotional landscape, while deepening their connection with their body.


I integrate holistic, experiential, mindfulness-based and somatic interventions into sessions, and will always invite your spiritual self and creativity into the therapeutic process. In more technical terms, my training is in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling, Somatic Gestalt Therapy, and Internal Family Systems. In our work together, we will attend to your whole self - mind, body, spirit, and soul. It is with humility that I say what an absolute honor it is to be alongside you on this path. Together, we will begin right where you are. 



I am a queer and non-binary, neurodivergent, born-and-raised Midwesterner. When I am not working, I can be found taking plenty of walks and soaking up the bits of nature scattered throughout the city, tending to my garden, engaging in creative practices, spending lots of playful time with my two sweet kitties, and forever rewatching Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

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