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  • I've never been to therapy before, what can I expect in my first session? 
    from a therapist...
  • What do the letters next to each therapists name mean?  
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  • What therapeutic techniques do you use?
    The techniques I use can be considered “Eclectic”. I pull from many areas of my training and experience that best fits your needs. I am trained in Gottman Couple's Therapy (the gurus of couples therapy), Certified in holistic nutritional studies, and have great experience working with cognitive behavioral therapy, Jungian therapy, and holistic practices. Therapy is adjusted to meet your personal needs and goals.
  • What does each therapy session entail?
    No therapy session looks the same. I work to understand your history, your family, your attachment styles, and your experiences of the past. I work to understand your current problems and your personal goals. Together we will find the best path for you, changing your self-talk, acceptance, validation, coping skills, breathing techniques, eating behaviors, etc. What you need will change, and so will how we approach it. Therapy, just like life, is dynamic and we will utilize our time together to the fullest for your optimal growth. YOUR WHOLE HEALING FOR YOUR WHOLE BEING.
  • Do you take my health insurance? If so, how much will sessions cost for me?
    See our Insurance & Payment page!
  • Do you offer sliding scale rates?
    See our Insurance & Payment page!
  • Where is your office? Is there parking nearby? 
    See Our Office page!
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